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Return Policy

Return Policy

The following information and procedures (the “Returns Policy”) relate to the return of Cannawoods' products. This Returns Policy is subject to change, from time to time, in Cannawoods’s sole discretion and is current as of June 2019.

Procedures for Returns of Product

    Customers are required to contact Cannawoods customer service by either email/telephone ("") and advise Customer Service of the following in respect of the Product that is proposed to be returned:
        Type of product being returned;
        reasons(s) for the return;
        quantity to be returned; and
        Lot numbered of items to be returned
    After contacting Customer Service, the Customer will be assigned a Material Return Number (“Material Return Number”) for the Product together with other return details.
    No later than five (5) days after receiving the Material Return Number, the Customer should send the Product along with the Material Return Number to the same address the product shipped . Confirmation of shipment with tracking number should be reported by the Customer to Customer Service.
    If the Customer has not sent the Product to Cannawoods as contemplated in this Returns Policy within such five (5) days after receiving the Material Return Number, Customer Service should be contacted again to receive a new Material Return  Number; provided, however, that the Product still qualifies as an Eligible Product (as defined herein) at the time the Customer contacts Customer Service again for a new Material Return Number.
    The Customer is solely responsible for the cost of shipping the Product to be returned to Cannawoods unless (i) the Product is the subject of a recall as contemplated in this Returns Policy or (ii) the reason for such return is the result of Apparent Damage to the Product, in which case Cannawoods shall be responsible for the commercially reasonable costs associated with the return of such Product. For the purposes herein, Products with “Apparent Damage” are Products that are delivered to the Customer in a condition where there is visible damage to the product or its packaging detectable at the time the Product was delivered to the Customer.
    Customer should reference the Material Return Number on all correspondence with Customer Service.
    Returns will not be accepted if delivered to any address other than the address the package was shipped from.

Products Eligible for Return:

        Only Products that (i) have been delivered by or on behalf of Cannawoods and (ii) received and accepted by the Customer in accordance with the terms of the supply agreement between the parties, can be returned in compliance with this Returns Policy.
        The following are the categories of Products that are eligible to be returned (each an “Eligible Product”):
            Damaged Products: Any Product with Apparent Damage or any Product that is otherwise deemed physically unsatisfactory by the Customer can be returned; provided, however, that Customer Service is contacted in accordance with this Returns Policy but in no event later than one (1) months from the date such Product that was delivered by or on behalf of Cannawoods is received by the Customer.
            Recalled Products:
                Cannawoods Recall: Any Product that is the subject of a recall issued by Cannawoods can be returned to Cannawoods. In situations where Cannawoods issues such a recall, it shall send a letter to all applicable Customers detailing the nature of the recall and the instructions for returning such recalled Product.
                Customer Concerns: If a Product is not subject to a recall by Cannawoods, but a Customer reasonably believes that such Product should be recalled, such Customer should contact Customer Service as contemplated in this Returns Policy and follow the procedures provided for herein and by Customer Service.
            Unsold Product: Only in the event that the terms of the supply agreement between Cannawoods and the Customer contemplate the return of unsold product may the Customer return such unsold Product to Cannawoods. Any Product purchased by a Customer from Cannawoods that remains unsold by such Customer may be returned to Cannawoods as contemplated herein; provided, however, that such Product: (i) is not older than three (3) months from the date such Product that was delivered by or on behalf of cannawoods is received by the Customer; (i) remains unopened; (ii) remains untampered and otherwise unaltered; and (iii) has not been repacked.

Replacement, Credit or Reimbursement of Returned Products:

    With respect to Eligible Products that are returned as provided for in this Returns Policy, Cannawoods shall determine in its sole discretion whether the Customer will receive replacement Product, a credit or a reimbursement.


    Replacements, credits or reimbursements, as applicable, will not be issued by Cannawoods if the provisions of this Returns Policy are not followed.
    Cannawoods reserves the right to verify all proposed returns of Product to ensure that they conform to this Returns Policy.
    Cannawoods reserves the right to destroy all Product that is returned to it whether or not the Product is eligible for replacement, credit or reimbursement.
    The Customer shall not destroy, mutilate, alter and/or discard any Products supplied by Cannawoods, including its packaging and excise tax stamps.
    Customers with questions about this Returns Policy should call us at +1(707)394-5283 or email Customer Service at